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bmw helped develop a less expensive ev charger

bmw i3 charger

Regular chargers cost more the 10,000 and are about the size of refrigerators, BMW is trying to change that. They have been working with  Bosch to create an affordable DC fast charger, the currently priced at $6548.The first BMW i DC Fast Charger ...

general motors recall over 700k vehicles between 6 models

2012 Chevrolet Camero

General Motors has annouced recalls of 6 more recalls which cover almost 718,000 vehicles in the U.S. This make the count of a total of 60 in the last year, a record 29.7 million cars and trucks, beating ...

the first automotive competition was held 120 years ago

The first automotive competition was held 120 years ago

  In 1980 cars where pretty new, and untested, starting with steam powered vehicles in the late 18 century. Cars became more driver freindly in 1886 when Karl Friedrich Benz and Gottleib Daimler developed the first internal cobustion ...

bmw i8 stakes its claim as the first car with laser lights

bmw laser lights

BMW has apparently won the laser light war against Audi after announcing that their i8 model will include the stunning new feature. The German automobile manufactures handed the keys ...

mustang cobra model highlights

mustang cobra

Another Car is ready for Action  This model that you see on the picture is the Mustang Cobra. This model is known to be one of the best cars that will ever be revealed to the public because of the brand new performance ...

mustang boss 302 done for good

mustang boss 302

This model was originally produced in the year 1969 to 1970. Ford revived the model in the year 2013 with an enhanced and upgraded system. No one argues about the modern Mustang boss 302 for it is truly a contemporary car which is one of the...

ford shelby mustang gt500 review

Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

Performance Worthy! It was said that this is a very useful thing to have when it comes to racing, and the Shelby Mustang is known to be one of the best cars that one can ever have if they just love to race. The 662 ...

ford galaxy important specs

ford galaxy

Drive your own car without limits There are many brands in the car industry that you can choose from. They grew in number that is why you sometimes find it hard to choose. Choosing top of the line brands became your number one option. If you prefer to drive a car ...

2015 mustang cobra named one of the most expensive cars

2015 Mustang Cobra

  There is an auction which is intended to be hosted by Barrett-Jackson. This involves the flaunting of valuable 2015 Mustang cobra that most are drooling for.  The showroom is intended to be invaded this fall. There ...

1969 shelby gt500 found and auctioned

1969 Shelby GT500

1969 Shelby GT500 Found and Auctioned Want Some Good Bidding Challenge? It is a well known fact that someone’s passing will never become a time for happiness since this is a moment to say goodbye to a person ...

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